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At the Rudd Firm, P.C. we are committed to protecting the rights of workers and professionals who have been unfairly discriminated, harassed, retaliated against, or have been mistreated unlawfully in the workplace. If you have experienced a loss of job or have been treated differently than your coworkers for no good reason, it can seem that there is nowhere to turn. But workers have rights; and at The Rudd Firm, P.C. we are dedicated to protecting your rights in the workplace. Whether you come to us for advice or to represent you, we will inform you of your rights, educate you about the legal process, and address all of your concerns and help you take action against your employer. With legal expertise and experience of our attorneys, we can help to review and analyze employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and severance contracts. We know that choosing the right employment law attorney can be a difficult decision. Rest assured, we are dedicated to offering our clients personal and compassionate service, and to protecting your interests in the courtroom if necessary.

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