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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), more commonly known as "drones," have exploded onto the scene. While many people hear "drone" and think of machines of war, the reality is that civil drone use for personal and commercial purposes in the United States has boomed in the last couple years. In fact, drone use has become so popular, so quickly that our current state and federal regulators -- primarily the FAA -- have not been able to keep up. Currently, the FAA applies traditional manned aircraft regulations to drones, but with numerous exceptions. The result is an intimidating, confusing, regulatory scheme that is changing by the day. The FAA has asserted the right to issue civil penalties against those who fly drones in violation of FAA regulations. As such, if you are looking to fly a drone for fun, or if you are wanting to use drones for commercial purposes, you should speak to a lawyer with knowledge of state and federal drone regulations to ensure you are not running afoul of any FAA regulation.

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